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Stunning Sierra! She was clearly a dream to photograph! I am LOVING the addition of senior photography to my repitoire and so excited to bring it from Las Vegas to Arizona. It’s seriously amazing working with these high school grads who have the whole world ahead of them. Their spunk and excitement for life is exhilirating.

Thank you girls for all of your submissions! It was so fun to read through all of them. Now it’s time publish the Class of 2016 Senior Reps I have chosen to work with:

Representing FIVE Phoenix area high schools are: Marina McMahon, Kaylee Mann, Elle Pothier, Savanna Hatch, Cassidy Boyd, Brittany Andersen, Megan McLean, Tori Brenay! I am so excited to work with these beautifully talented, smart and wonderful individuals!

Scottsdale Gilbert Arizona Family Photographer_0299.jpgScottsdale Gilbert Arizona Family Photographer_0296.jpgScottsdale Gilbert Arizona Family Photographer_0295.jpgScottsdale Gilbert Arizona Family Photographer_0300.jpgScottsdale Gilbert Arizona Family Photographer_0302.jpgScottsdale Gilbert Arizona Family Photographer_0297.jpgScottsdale Gilbert Arizona Family Photographer_0298.jpgScottsdale Gilbert Arizona Family Photographer_0293.jpgScottsdale Gilbert Arizona Family Photographer_0301.jpgScottsdale Gilbert Arizona Family Photographer_0294.jpgScottsdale Gilbert Arizona Family Photographer_0292.jpgScottsdale Gilbert Arizona Family Photographer_0303.jpg

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