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I was nine years old when we met. She was my first friend in Seattle. I was extremely nervous and she made it soooo much better. We were instant friend for those 5 very impressionible years of my childhood. I’ve missed her though and thought about her frequently since I moved away. This is only the second time we have reconnected since I moved away in 1989. She was my childhood idol. She was so cute, fun, spunky, all the boys liked her, she was smart, witty and such a great friend. As you can tell, she hasn’t changed a bit. It was so fun to finally meet up together again and meet her children in person. They are just amazing as she is. Gorgeous family Tami! It was such a fun day!

  • Lindsay Goldfine - Omg I love this!! Tami your family is so gorgeous they all look like little Tamis!!! How cute and you can tell there’s such cute personality in your family. (Ps. Erin, Tami was kind of my idol too, along with Natalie, and don’t forget my giant childhood crush on Kirk.) beautiful shoot!!

  • Steph - Love the little Jazz hand pose! What a fun mom! Great job bringing out the best in this cute family. Once again…I am jealous. Someday, I will have these personality filled pictures of my family on my wall. Someday…

  • Cheryl - How fun is this– to see Tami all these years later, and without changing a bit The family looks like another Skidmore clan in duplicate. Couldn’t be cuter in every way. Great photos, Erin.
    Darling kids, and handsome hubby.

  • Tami - Oh my goodness…..I just barely got on your page to see this. I can’t tell you how much I love these pictures but more than anything that was so incredibly kind what you wrote. That seriously made my week, maybe month! I feel the same way about you and seriously in a perfect world we really would be neighbors. I love your guts! I think a trip to Vegas needs to happen soon. Thank you Cheryl and Lindsay for the kind words too. By the way Lindsay…I still feel guilty for pulling a prank on you with Erin. The one where you were “asleep” and we put one hand in cold water and one in warm water to get you to pee the bed. It was unsuccessful but I still have guilt! I did it all out of love because I really did want you and my Lil bro to get married. :)
    P.S. to clarify….. All the boys wanted Erin. I was the side kick.

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