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{Cherrie and Bill.}

It’s safe to say that this might be one of my favorite sessions of all time. Capturing their true and tender relationship brought so much happiness to me. These two are the sweetest you’ll meet and if you’re lucky to have them in your lives, well, you’re immensely blessed. They are just the kind of people that make you feel wonderful when you’re around them. They’re so hip and up on the trends and oh, so talented. Cherrie is an exceptional pianist and organist who always carries a stylish handbag, wears lipstick and up on the latest pop culture. Bill is a retired fighter pilot, drives a bright red Fiat and an extremely talented paper airplane creator and Boy Scout leader. I wish I could capture them perfectly with words but you just have to meet them in person to catch my drift. They are simply genuine, giving, and just plain charming!!

Cherrie and Bill have been married for 53 years! They were set up by a mutual friend all those years ago who thought they would be compatible because of the mutual love they have for sporting events and classical music. They have 4 children and 9 grandchildren and continue to travel long distances to visit them. They recently traveled to Hawaii and Australia but a supremely happy vacation for them would be New York City to take in as many plays and musicals that they possibly could handle.

Cherrie, I hope this is a great birthday surprise for you, as you celebrate your birthday today! You and Bill are such a treasure to our family and when you asked me to photograph the two of you, I was thrilled beyond belief! I love and miss you both dearly since our move. Hugs to the both of you!

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  • Lindsay - Erin I am so touched by these! Seeing these just makes my heart happy. And gives me hope to have this kind of love for years to come. They are the cutest ever!

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