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It’s not very often that I have a family without really little ones! I loved the dynamics of older, married children, which made for a fun change. Gorgeous family right? Loved their neutrals with patterns, their easy-going personalities and the natural connections they had with each other.


  • Lesli Streets - Yep! Virignia has great style and a beautiful family! So fun to see her older kids.

  • Lindsay Goldfine - Beautiful shots Erin of beautiful people. Love these!

  • cheryl - What a family! I like the natural poses. The style makes it all so interesting and fun. Beautiful faces—every one.

I loved working with Maya! She’s calm, cool, collected and she’s got it together. SO easy to photograph and simply beautiful. I love working with all of these seniors and their individual styles, which are all so different!

Meet Maya:

After HS Plans – After graduation, I would love to move to California and attend the University of California Santa Barbara.

Career Dreams – Ever since I was eight years old I’ve wanted to be a doctor. No career would be more rewarding than one where I will be able to help people all around me.

Loves – I love spending time with my family and my boyfriend, watching sports (soccer and football) and I love  horror movies.

On Her Days Off  – I love to just relax at home in some comfy pajamas and watch Law and Order.

Favorites – I LOVE sushi, Twix candy bars, math, kicking back and relaxing and shopping!


  • Lindsay Goldfine - Gorgeous! Love the setting and the lighting! Beautiful shots!

  • Cheryl - Wow! I love the beauty and sweetness that shines through in these photos. The lighting is amazing, and such a cute girl! Good work, Erin.

I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without YOU – my clients – you have trusted me completely with your cherished memories, your family time and you have genuinely accepted and trusted my vision.  I have met so many new clients in 2014, which in turn, have become friends who will stay with me forever.  You have allowed me to be able to create in the manner that I do and getting to know all of you is the icing on my really wonderful cake.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me a part of your year!  I love you all!

So without further ado, and before I get all teary-eyed….

I’ve been saving this post until after Christmas in order to keep their darling Christmas card a surprise to all of its recipients. This family always comes up with the most clever(est) ideas / sayings for their Christmas cards. (Some, ideas they threw at me may have been a bit too awkwardly funny or a little too hilariously inappropriate to publish here in a forum such as this, and any one of you who knows this family, gets what I’m saying), but let me just say, this family makes me smile every time we’re together.  And their boys … so mature, talented, refined, animated and just plain cute. You Hepworth’s are the bee’s knees. I love you guys!

So, their featured photo for their card this year was the one at the very bottom with the red jammies.  It said “We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Flappy New Rear!”

And how cute are these drop-seat pj’s up in the mountains, huh?
2015-01-03_0001.jpg2015-01-03_0002.jpg2015-01-03_0003.jpg“WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS, AND A FLAPPY NEW REAR”

  • Cheryl - I know for sure that Erin is going to miss you guys. You have been so good to the Fonnesbeck family. I can’t even imagine a cuter family. Your genuine love and goodness shines through in these adorable photos. Love the trap door jammies. Erin’s Mom

Wow. I don’t have to oooh and ahhhh about how beautiful this girl is – you can see for yourself. But seriously. She’s got her head on straight too. She’s driven, sweet, smart, and just plain wise. I can tell that she is not letting outside negative influences bring her down and she’s serious about her goals, plans and future achievements.

Here’s a little something from Cassidy:

I plan on attending the University of Utah where I hope to be a part of their cheer team.

I love being a part of the Palo Verde High School cheer squad where I am currently the Varsity Cheer Captain and a four year competition team member. I love working out and being a happy, positive influence to all I come in contact with. I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, promoting school spirit, being involved in as many clubs and service projects as possible and spending time with family and friends.

On that rare day off, I love working out followed by relaxing in the sauna. My favorite food is Mexican food. Cafe Rio and Viva Mercados can’t be beat! I also love fruit but my favorite treat is ice cream. My favorite place to shop is Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters. I am extremely competitive in nature, love coaching cheer, and have a great passion for choreography.  Aside from these interests of mine, I also love running. A hidden passion of mine is makeup application and trying new methods and products!

My life motto is : Smile for a smile:)


  • Cheryl - Wow, a million dollar smile. Erin, you captured the personality and beauty of Cassidy. These photos are going to be treasured all her life! The photos are so joyful!

  • Melissa - Truly a beautiful young lady all the way through. You are an amazing young lady and God will continue to bless you with His love and grace. I will miss your a beautiful smile. Go get em girl!!!????????????

Seriously gorgeous children, right? And they are all so sweet with each other too! They have such a sweet sibling bond that I love. I can tell they truly love being together. Cutest thing ever.

  • Allison Baker - Erin, all of your pictures are so incredibly lovely! Lovely!

  • efonnesbeck - You’re so sweet. Thanks! So good to hear from you! 😉

  • Cheryl - Beautiful children, and such playful photos. You can tell that the boy in this family is so loved by his two sisters.