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The scenery on Coronado Island is picturesque. And this gorgeous, soon-to-be mama of two

(who also happens to be my little sister) is stunning, as always. It was a magical morning and I

can’t wait to snuggle her wee baby girl very soon!


  • Lauren - I think this is my favorite shoot of all time. These photos are STUNNING, Erin. I love them so much.

  • Lindsay Goldfine - Don’t know how you managed to make me look beautiful this pregnant. You’re a true talent!

  • Cheryl - The whole time we were there at the beach I kept thinking about the new little person almost ready to meet her family for the first time. You have carried her with such love and tender care. You’re a strong little Mommy, and this little one is a lucky girl to have you as her own for the rest of her life. The photos are so beautiful. You are beautiful, in everyway.


Alyssa is stunning, but you can already see that for yourselves. These photos were so important to her, since she is a photographer herself. She had a vision of what she wanted and I hope I was able to capture what her heart longed for. She is a beauty, so sweet and so lovable. I loved meeting her! Meet Alyssa …

Plans after HS – Wants to attend the University of Washington in Seattle, WA to major in psychology.

Career Dreams – Would love to travel abroad and study psychology. Through her travels, she wants to study and examine human behaviors on a global level and photograph her findings on a blog.

Loves: running, snowboarding, photography, hiking and music.

On her days off: She loves driving  to Red Rock Canyon whether it is to shoot photos, relax, listen to music, hike, or explore new adventures.


  • Cheryl - Gorgeous girl. I like how the Nevada scenery says “home sweet home.” Love the style and beauty, in every aspect.

You may have seen this sweet family in past posts – HERE or HERE.

I LOVE when families come to me time and time again. We get to know each other, I understand their ideas,

and we become so comfortable with each other.

I hope I still have more to come with this little family because they’re a bundle of fun to photograph!


  • Lauren - Oh man! What little heartbreakers! Those boys are just so handsome! AAAAND where did she find those booties? I need to know… I hope you asked her. :)

  • Lindsay Goldfine - Wow these are so great! What a cute mama and boys. You got some adorable moments!

  • Cheryl - This photo is sheer joy, love, and happiness!

This first image, if I had to choose a favorite for the whole year of 2014, this would be it. Hands down.

What a sweet boy to smile for me, just when I was ready to click the shutter!  I loved this session and working with this beautiful

family in their home. I LOVE photographing newborns with all my heart.


  • Cheryl Johnson - Ohhhhh! Sweetness and beauty. These photos are extra amazing!

Ok … Amanda and I seriously had the best time. As you can tell, her personality is so bubbly, and super fun. It did not take her any time to feel comfortable in front of the camera. She was a natural. She is a genuine soul who simply loves life.

Meet Amanda:

After HS Plans – Will be attending University of Arizona and majoring in Primary Education.

Career Dreams – To be a special education kindergarten teacher. (This is perfect Amanda!)

Loves – Cheerleading, hanging out with friends, Disneyland, shopping and Cafe Rio.


  • Cheryl - What an unbelievable combination of a very pretty girl and beautiful scenery of Nevada! Love the clothes, scenery, smile, and sheer joy of these photos. Beautiful memories to last a lifetime.