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Two beautiful and giggly sisters, a very fun, cooperative and easy-going dad and a sweet and grateful mom, made for such a great shoot! I loved this family. I miss all of my Las Vegas families dearly!



Meet the lovely Marisa. A stunning BYU student and now an LDS missionary serving in Florida, speaking Portuguese! This girl is not only exceptionally ravishing, she is also extremely intelligent and plans on attending law school. She was so sweet, confident, poised, elegant and so fun to work with. It was such a great evening Marisa and I loved working with you!


  • lesli Streets - oh my goodness! i love this girl! seriously. she has one of the most genuine hearts i’ve ever known. what a great mission call for her! and oh wow on these dresses! not the missionary dresses i was required to wear. these are actually stylish and darling! this showest that modest dresses can be stylish! i love it!!!!

  • Lauren Gunn - Wow!!! What a gorgeous girl inside and out. Goodness!!

  • Cheryl Johnson - Congratulation Erin. You have captured beauty and sincerity in your stunning photographs. Not just anyone can do what you do. Amazing.

Ahhhh, the nursery, the details, the sweet tiny baby boy, the grown up sister with the gorgeous hair and these sweet, beautiful parents. I adore this family, this shoot and this newborn’s space! Thank you for allowing me to enter you home and capture your family at this special time in your lives. I was so lucky to be able to photograph this stunning older sister, Laylah when she was a wee one. Maybe you’ll remember her HERE.


  • Lindsay Goldfine - I love love these! The first two are so gorgeous. What a cute family

  • Cheryl - How cute is cute? This cute! My goodness! What beauty.

I have been so lucky to live only two doors down from this beautiful family for the past year. I am sad to be leaving them and so many other friends we have made along the way. We are now moved out of our home and in a temporary home until school ends. For those of you who don’t know, we will be moving to the Gilbert, Arizona area the first week of June. I only have a couple of spots left for sessions in May and then I will be gone! Sniff sniff. So if you were thinking of booking a session sometime down the road, this might be your last chance.:(



  • Cheryl Johnson - Lovliness, happiness and joy! Erin, your photos reveal personality and emotion. What a wonderful, and beautiful family!

Baby Ivy was as sweet as can be! There was definitely l LOT of love put into her little nursery – every detail so well thought out and perfect. It was a beautiful morning spent in their home. Thank you Lesli, for asking me to assist on this one, I enjoyed every minute!



  • Lindsay Goldfine - Beautiful ! This is making me excited for bebe. Gorgeous shots! Xo

  • Cheryl Johnson - Look at the details. These photos make me so happy. What a blessed Mommy.